If you have a product or service, and don’t have a website (or one that your are proud of that is converting sales), this could be a great place to start your digital marketing journey. We take this process very seriously (but definitely have fun with it) because your website is the backbone of any online presence for a successful business today.


From concept to reality we build e-commerce projects on owned dot-coms catered to your product or service. Our stream lined system of gathering all the content you need will make things so easy, you will wonder why you even worried. 

Each project has it’s own account manager to ensure effective communication is always there from project concept through to delivery.

Across all projects we have one simple goal, to support businesses to have an online presence they are proud of, represents their brand well and converts.

Offerings include:

Discovery session: Our initial sessions with a client ensure that the project is going to be successful, delivered on time and on budget. 

This is where our years of experience works magic. Clarity of the path ahead is laid out and a ‘once was concept’ is defined. 

This is a crucial time to iron out any uncertainties about the process our clients may have so they know exactly what they are going to get and how the project will unfold. 

Strategy plan:

Ready for execution effectively and efficiently. This process is all about HOW we are going to make it all happen. Our specific content collation system makes it super simple for our client’s ideas to be easily transferred into ‘tech talk’ for our digital team. 

This step is often missed by many people hoping to create an e-commerce platform, which when missed, results in a disjoint of communication between client and website coder, who speak very different languages!

At UE Media we have people who speak both languages, that of the client, and that of the digital coder, therefore acting as a conduit between the two, effectively delivering results of just what the client wants, on time, on budget, every time.  

Evaluation of revenue generation model: With our extensive knowledge in the digital industry, it is quite possible we know of ways that can increase your revenue that you are unaware of. From influencer marketing to affiliate marketing and other ways in between, we will point these out to you before we go any further so you can ensure you are capitalising on all avenues of revenue generation.

Collation of data and creative work: Our in-house creative team can help with all the video content, copywriting, photography and graphic design needed to bring your e-commerce site to life. 

Sometimes it is hard to get all the components that you need together in one place. So we made have made it easy. UEMedia is a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. 

We also specialise in content creation for social media, so of course, we can help with all the many components of a website.

Site build:

Once all the content has been collated, the site is built. Offering a step by step sign off process throughout the completion of the pages of the website. 

Leave this part to us!

Driving traffic:

There’s no point in having an amazing e-commerce platform if nobody sees it! So now is the time to get eyes on this masterpiece!

A detailed plan will map out the social channels and advertising options for any product or service. Please visit our ‘Paid Media’ page for more details.

Ongoing maintenance and site security:

We partner with the very best global brand so we can have the very best website hosting and optimisation as well as website security. 

Capitalising on the long term benefits of SEO as well as keeping hackers out of website, relies on partnering with companies who specialise in this area. 

We will not let our client’s and our team’s hard work go to ruins by letting hackers in! So it is in everyone’s best interest to protect the assets created and also boost the success we have built by having a fully optimised site.

As well as this, successful SEO relies on consistent and regular content added to a website. Google wants activity, and activity we will give! Our ongoing e-commerce support allows for regular uploads and content creation. Visit our ‘Production’ page for more information.

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