We are a full-service creative incubator! We breed creativity! It runs through our soul, pumps our heart and is the air that we breathe!


This is the component of Unicorn Empire Media that is the magic, it makes the difference, it captivates our audience and lights a fire within us. This is the core of why we do what we do. We just LOVE to create, explore, get the attention your brand deserves through beautiful and effective design. 

We explore all avenues of video content, copywriting, photography and graphic design for the ‘TODAY’ market of digital media. 

This is where our talents exceed us, we are leaders in the industry and never play it safe!

We are out to get our customers target market’s attention and won’t stop till we do!

Unicorn Empire Media puts the magic into marketing.

We have a studio on the Gold Coast, Australia where we do photography, audio and video recording. We also have genius creatives globally we work with to make projects come alive.

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